Taylor's Accounting and Income Tax

About Us

    Since 1973 Taylor’s Accounting and Income Tax has been providing quality
    accounting and  tax services in the Denver Metro area to small business owners,
    individuals, and the self-employed. During that time we found that many of our
    clients required assistance in payroll matters as well.   Our goal is to educate as 
    many people as possible, and help them organize their finances for a more pros-
    perous future.  Taylor’s Accounting  has the experience and the knowledge to 
    help you meet your long term goals. 

   Taylor’s Accounting has three generations of Taylors in the company.  We have the 
     ability to look at your goals and finances from every perspective of life.  Our clients 
     are a part of our family and their futures are as important as our own. Call or e-mail 
     us for a free introductory consultation.

   Services & Fee Schedule:


    Personal Income Taxes:

    Basic Fee Structure

            W2 Only                                           $125

            * With Schedule A                             $200

            * With Schedule A + C                       $250

            * With 3 Schedules                             $275

            * With 4 Schedules                             $300

            Return for your dependent child        $75

    Year End Business Income Taxes:

              * LLC Returns start at                      $275

              * Corporation Returns start at          $330


* These fees are only estimates and will vary by the organization of your information

       * 20% Discount for newly-wed couples filing their first joint tax return


    Monthly Bookkeeping Service:

    Fees start at $165 per month

            This includes preparation of your monthly:

Income Statements

Balance Sheets

General Ledger

Sales Tax Reports

Payroll Reports

Calculating Quarterly Income Tax Estimates

Additional Fees:

            $35 for Quarterly payroll reports

                        State Withholding Reports

                        Federal Withholding 941 Form

                        State and Federal Unemployment Forms

            Extra Fee for preparation of W-2 or 1099 at the end of each year

                        (Fee depends on the number of employees)


    Payroll Services:

    Fees average from $60 to $180 per month if we write the checks

            Price is determined by the number of employees and the frequency of pay
           The Fee includes preparation of all payroll reports.

    Fees are $95 per Quarter if you write the checks
            Price includes preparation of your monthly and quarterly payroll reports

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